Digit Vehicle Tracking along with DFuel, DTemp, DTag and DNav technologies will ensure the best in comfort for your tour group and the performance of your vehicles at all times. You will be able to track, monitor and manage multiple devices [vehicles] at once through vehicle tracking, speed control, distance recording, trip durations, fuel management, temperature control of vehicles and fixed locations, driver/ operator identification and optimal communication.

  • Use DTag technology to allow only authorized operators to start and control valuable equipment or to access equipment [or resources] in secured storage facilities.
  • DNav will allow you to communicate with operators in respect to their tracked location and in conjunction with Garmin technologies.
  • For tours on foot, motor bike, bicycle, horse, electric personal transporters or any other form of personal transportation…
  • Digit technologies allows you to track, monitor and manage smaller handheld [Porti] devices ensuring your tour guides are offering the best routes, comfort and safety measures to your beloved tour groups.