With the increasing hikes in fuel prices and the ongoing need to optimally manage your fleet of vehicles for peak performance… DFuel tracking, monitoring and management solutions is your number one choice!

We give you full control of tracking, monitoring and management solutions through online resources, desktop software [installed on your local PC/ Laptop] and mobile solutions. Track multiple vehicles at once and know exactly who is driving which vehicle when, their speed, distance, trip duration, routes [from start to finish], where they have filled up with fuel [view locations through ‘Google maps and Street Views’] and set System Alarms and SMS/ Text Alerts for any drops in unwarranted fuel levels, predefined by you –

For example: If there is a 10% drop in unwarranted fuel levels, you will receive a System, Email or SMS/ Text Alert and you will know exactly who is in control of that vehicle at the time of the alert. Setting of System Alarms and SMS / Text Alerts will also allow you to determine when a vehicle moves position or enters or exits a pre-defined area. This allows you to act immediately wasting no time in determining the circumstances and finding resolve as soon as possible.