DTag provide each driver a unique ID tag that will allows you to determine exactly who started a particular vehicle when, the route they took from start to finish and when they stepped out the vehicle concerned.

  • DTag coupled with DFuel systems are simple yet effective solutions that assist you in managing your fleet of vehicles and your business’s performance.
  • With Digit Tracking, we give you full control to track, monitor and management your vehicles through online resources, desktop software [installed on your local PC/ Laptop] and mobile solutions.
  • Track multiple devices [vehicles or parcels] at once and know exactly who is driving which vehicle when, their speed, distance, duration, routes [from start to finish], where they have filled up with fuel [view locations through ‘Google maps and Street Views’] and set System Alarms and SMS/ Text Alerts as you desire.
  • Digit even offers smaller handheld [Porti] devices that can be used to track high-valued [insured or even normal] parcels from collection to final destination. This will ensure that you can track, monitor and manage high-valued parcels from start to finish and further minimize the need to pay out on insurance claims due to these types of packages going missing.