Fleet management of construction and mining vehicles is not a simple task. Besides these being high-valued assets, they also need to be working at their optimum to ensure you are achieving your best results.

  • Ensure cargo gets to the right destination, at the right time with Tipper Alarm. Digit Tracking and Tipper Alarm will allow you to track, monitor and manage the off-load of all cargo. System Alarms, Email and SMS/ TEXT Alerts can be set to warn you of diversions on predetermined routes, unwarranted stops through Digit tracker technologies or off-loading of cargo through Digit Tipper Alarm.
  • Combine Digit Tracking and Tipper Alarm with DFuel, DTag and DNav technologies to monitor and manage delivery routes, speed, distance, trip durations, fuel consumption [driver/ operator behaviour & performance], driver/ operator identification and optimised communication.