Get your best yield from your produce through better resource management. Whether your interests lie in livestock, dairy, horticulture, viticulture, forestry or any other means of agriculture, Digit technologies will ensure you are reaching your true potential. Resource management is essential to any agricultural operation and tracking, monitoring and managing your resources effectively will aid you in achieving your success.

  • From fixed assets to your perishable commodities, it is vital that you are nurturing your resources from start to finish. Digit Vehicle Tracking, Tipper Alarm, DFuel, DTemp, DTag and DNav will ensure you are monitoring and managing your resources effectively through vehicle tracking, tipper truck sensors and alerts, fuel management, temperature controls of both mobile and fixed cold storage facilities, driver/ operator performance, driver identification and ‘always in contact’ communication.
  • Keep track of crates, bags, boxes, livestock and more, 24/ 7, with the use of smaller handheld [Porti] devices.